Gebhardt Group is an independent wealth management company with various locations in California. They believe in guiding principles that evoke the highest ideals in people. There were two projects included:

Book (Layout, Illustrations, Self-Publishing, Promotional Poster)

Our goal for the first project was to design a book and assist in self publishing. The book would represent an individual within the wealth management firm that also reflects the type of client that wished to attain. Content was provided and we worked collaboratively on establishing the look and feel and title. I then designed the cover, created illustrations to reflect key copy points, layed out the content for print, pdf, and epub, and assisted the author in self-publishing.


Our goal for the second project was to create a sophisticated overview piece that visualized the personal qualities and characteristics that enhance the whole person, including health, happiness, knowledge, security and well-being of everyone in the family, at the core of success and true wealth.

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